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Wrestling Fans Are Sick And Tired…

We’re tired of fake news from zero-integrity sources. We’re tired of bad opinions from trolls masquerading as fans. We’re tired of mediocrity being passed off as excellence.

Wrestling fans deserve better. Smark Sheet was born out of the idea that we the passionate fans could be that better.

Here’s Our Mission

A select few (but growing) members of r/SquaredCircle have decided to join together to create the best wrestling news and editorials online. We’re talking about real, evidence-based news and eloquently-written long-form content. No flimsy crap here.

So, Where Is It?

It’s coming. This project is still in its infant stages, but it’s something we’re all excited for. The plan is to go live the week prior to WrestleMania – the beginning of April. This gives us time to perfect the site, while adding some excitement to an already fun week

Want To Get Involved?

We’re always happy to add passionate wrestling fans to the project. If you want in, find us on r/SquaredCircle, or email us at [email protected].

This fan-created site has no affiliation with Reddit.
Visit r/SquaredCircle to find out more about the Smark Sheet project.